Yeelight GU 10, new Xiaomi bulbs with RGB

With current home automation technology growing by leaps and bounds, many users have been encouraged to transform their houses into smart homes thanks to the devices offered by Xiaomi. One of the main products to acquire for its functionality, simplicity, purity, and price is the numerous models of Yeelight smart bulbs. It is a gadget that allows us to control or program lighting, the highlight being its compatibility with assistants such as Xiaomi My Home, Alexa, or Google Home and that, practically, are within the reach of any pocket.

Smart bulbs are still classic LED bulbs. The novelties focus on which connectivity is incorporated, which allows us to control them from our smartphone and turn our home into space where every day we breathe an achromatic and intelligent atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent. Good lighting and decoration of the spaces we inhabit with solid and customizable colors and proposals.

How could it be otherwise, Xiaomi and Yeelight have manufactured different models of smart bulbs, fully entering this market that has become so fashionable in recent years.

In this article we introduce you to two versions of Yeelight LED bulbs – an independent company from Xiaomi, but which collaborate mutually in the launch of lamps and lighting products on the platform. Youpin– at a very reasonable price.

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable)

The Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable) bulb has a size of 50 x 54 mm and presents a compact design very similar to that of a mini capsule, which makes it an ideal bulb for those small spaces and can be added to any area without affect the overall design.

It is friendly to the environment and energy saving as it has 4.8W maximum and 0.23W ultra low reserve power with a luminous flux of 350 lumens.

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable)

It offers a temperature range that goes from 2700K to 6500K so that we can choose the one that best suits each environment. Set the right mood for any time by adjusting the color temperature from warm light to cool light. For this, the manufacturer recommends grouping several bulbs to generate simultaneous lighting effects. The GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable) comes with a 36º beam angle making sure the light covers the entire room.

In terms of connectivity, this bulb model is compatible with the main smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and, especially, it will be possible to synchronize it with Samsung SmartThings. In this way, it maintains one of its excellent functions: the easy operation of voice control.

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable)

Intelligent control at any time and in any place, whether it is turning on, off, adjusting the brightness, programming the time, among others. It also includes the possibility of adjusting its intensity, that is, that it is dimmable. Set the tone of your home with dimmable lighting by selecting the exact brightness to create your own lighting scenes at ease and create the right mood.

The Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Dimmable) continues to be compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi networks only, but is still an excellent and attractive purchase option.

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Multicolor)

This Yeelight genius arrives with dimensions of 50 x 61 mm and a completely identical design as the bulb mentioned above. In this case, the genius and main feature is the multicolor. It offers RGB lighting thus achieving up to 16 million colors, according to the manufacturer.

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Multicolor)

The Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Multicolor) creates the right atmosphere for different scenarios. It does not matter if you are in a meeting of friends, a romantic date or a reading, the light will adjust to your needs.

In addition, it features adjustable brightness, smart control, energy saving and high efficiency, and is made of professional optical design and high-quality LEDs to provide stable illumination.

It has a color temperature between 2700-6500K and a brightness of up to 350 lumens. All this combined with just 4.5W of power, quite an achievement. It also comes with a 36º beam angle that makes sure to cover the entire room.

As we have already mentioned, the multi-color function is an attribute that gamer users who seek both to illuminate their monitor and to decorate the room with colors.

The juice comes when we have the possibility to get the most out of the bulb if we have PC peripherals from Razer Chroma and OverWolf. Well, we will have a unique configuration and we will enjoy a perfect integration thanks to the RGB lights that this Yeelight bulb incorporates. We will therefore enjoy a more immersive gaming experience with different light effects caused by game events.

The Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Multicolor) is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung SmartThings and of course can be comfortably operated with voice control.

Initial setup and configuration

In either of the two Yeelight bulbs, the process to incorporate and configure them is quite simple. Basically, these are the steps to follow to enjoy smart control:

  1. Screw the bulb into the lamp that we want.
  2. Open the application on your smartphone and, immediately, connect the bulb to the WiFi network with which you are going to work.
  3. Pair the light bulb with the app.