Xiaomi’s dome gives us more details about its Mi Mix range

The Mi Mix range has been forgotten for too long. But in this last week, the CEO of Xiaomi himself confirmed the arrival of the fourth generation of the Mi Mix and today part of its dome gives us new clues about this range.

Tango the product manager of Xiaomi, Wang Teng, as the CEO of Redmi, Lu weibing, have published messages in their respective profiles of the social network Weibo in sync with the arrival of a «tablet from the Mix range«:

No, Xiaomi will not present a tablet under the Mi Mix range

The Mi Mix series is focused on smartphones. But since Xiaomi put on sale the Mi Mix 3 5G, this series fell out of favor with the poor results obtained by the latter model.

During these years the firm has continued to develop the continuity of the range and after confirming its fourth generation, everything indicates that after these messages published today on Weibo, the My Mix Foldable it will also be a reality complementing the series.

Xiaomi's dome gives us more details about its Mi Mix

The size of this type of smartphone when deployed is similar to that of a conventional tablet. It is because of that Wang Teng has made reference to the «tablet» concept to define the future Xiaomi Mi Mix foldable. A smartphone that was seen in public last month.

At the moment we do not have more details about Xiaomi’s first folding smartphone. It is clear that it will incorporate the most powerful hardware developed to date by Qualcomm. This announcement is made just 4 days after the CEO of Xiaomi asked us if we would spend € 1,300 on a high-end smartphone, are you talking about the Mi Mix range?