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We woke up to the novelty of seeing in the store Youpin Xiaomi a treadmill manufactured under the U´revo brand and launched under the name of Youqi walking machine.

Youqi walking machine is the new treadmill offered for sale by Xiaomi on Youpin

This treadmill is designed so that anyone between the ages of 4 to 60 can use it. Its size It is 148.5cm x 65cm x 14cm and can support up to 90kg. The weight of this tape that Xiaomi sells under the name of Youqi walking machine is 25kg.

As it is a treadmill, the minimum running speed is 0.8km / h, while its maximum speed is 6km / h. Its nominal power is 560W.

Youqi walking machine is the new treadmill offered for sale by Xiaomi on Youpin

As for physical finishes, Youqi walking machine has been designed so that it does not make noise when the user is on it and starts walking. Adds 7 levels of protection that includes a non-slip tape and emergency stop if you go out of walking within the established limits.


Youqi walking machine is the new treadmill offered for sale by Xiaomi on Youpin

The strap is made up of five layers of different materials that make it feel soft to the touch on the foot and at the same time keeps the sole of the shoe glued to avoid slipping easily.

Thanks to the design created by the manufacturer U´revo, this Youqi walking machine that Xiaomi sells in Youpin will have an easy and simple storage as it is only 6 centimeters thick.


On the front of the treadmill, we find a screen where it will show the minutes it has been uploaded on it. To make speed control and stopping simple, U´revo adds a command in which we can raise or lower the speed, as well as pause the tape.

Youqi walking machine It is priced at 999 yuan (€ 125 / $ 142) in the shop Youpin from Xiaomi. The sale is being done via crowdfunding for Chinese citizens. On August 13, the first units will begin to be shipped to buyers. Once there is enough stock, we hope to find it for sale at a higher price in Chinese import stores.

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