Xiaomi Youpin Earbuds, Better Hearing Quality

One more day Xiaomi returns to the fray with the sale of new products in its Youpin store, a store that does not stop offering more and more products for the citizens of China. Xiaomi has put on sale in Youpin somewhat special headphones that are not dedicated to the reproduction of sound, but rather so that you can listen effortlessly to everything that happens around us.

The proposal for headphones for people with hearing loss comes from the company Zuodian Industrial (Hubei) Co, Ltd, and Xiaomi is in charge of selling them at your Youpin store, which we are always talking about.

These headphones as I mentioned would be one more option in the market for “sound amplification headphones”. So they are not designed to connect with our smartphone and play sound.

These headphones that Xiaomi sells on Youpin collect the sound of voices, the noises of nature, and everything that surrounds us and amplifies it for those who suffer from hearing loss.

They have 6 listening levels, in order to adapt to each user, these levels are changed from a button on the headphones. They can be recharged in their box which offers up to 24 hours of autonomy. The headphones can work up to 12 hours, while their charging time is about two hours inside the box. The manufacturer recommends continued use to adapt the ears to hearing improvement.

These hearing loss headphones are priced at 449 yuan (€ 55 / $ 64) at Xiaomi’s Youpin store. At the moment they are only for sale in China for users from the Asian country. We hope to find them for sale at a higher price than mentioned in a few weeks through the resellers of Aliexpress, Gearbest or Banggood.

We remember that every weekend we show where we can get this kind of interesting products made by other manufacturers and that Xiaomi sells on Youpin. You can check all the compilations of new products at this link.

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