Xiaomi Yi Camera PTZ 2K, the camera of Yi, the partner of Xiaomi

Without knowing anything about Yi for a long time, we find her again by launching a new surveillance camera for sale designed to offer a plus of security and privacy thanks to its innovative camera concealment system. Yi who previously was a partner of Xiaomi in home automation and home surveillance left his treaties with Xiaomi a few years ago and mounted it on his side, of this new sale phase we discuss in this article. Yi Camera PTZ 2K is a compact camera that has little to do with Xiaomi anymore. It offers a 3MP lens with an F / 1.4 aperture and a 2K resolution (2304 × 1296). Achieving sharp and clear images in low light situations.

To be able to offer recording at night, add a fill light using 940 nm infrared. This allows a vision of 5 meters and as low as 0.01lux. The lens can capture images at 350º sideways and 63º up and down.

It has detection of animals and humans, thus being able to classify the tracking of objects thanks to the use of AI algorithms with a quality of 20fps. In this way, you can alert users when a human or companion animal has been detected.

The hat-shaped top is designed so that the user’s privacy is not an obstacle. When the camera is turned off, the upper part goes down and the lens is hidden, allowing in this simple way that nothing of our private life be taxed.

In terms of storage and memory, Yi adds to this camera Yi Camera PTZ 2K saving of images in the cloud as well as storage in Micro SD slot from 8GB to 128GB. An omni-directional microphone and speaker are added to its chassis to be able to speak and listen to the intruder. Finally and as always, this camera will send notifications when it detects intruders and will record everything that happens to send the images to the smartphone.

Xiaomi has not manufactured this Yi Camera PTZ 2K, and as we mentioned, they no longer work together. Said camera does not use Xiaomi’s Mi Home services. To use this camera you have to use the Yi app, which is not usable with Xiaomi’s home automation products. This is a very negative point to keep in mind.