Xiaomi would bet on the MediaTek Dimensity 10000 for its mid-range

Behind the recent certification of the model M2006J10C in the Chinese entity 3C that is speculated to be the future Xiaomi Mi CC10, which would be known globally as Mi Note 11. Other voices in the Chinese media declare that it would be the Redmi K40.

Redmi with its Redmi K range since its first model has renewed the range every 6 months, so its next model would arrive in September. There is no doubt that before the arrival of this Redmi, Xiaomi will have presented the Mi CC10.

If at first the Mi CC10 we were all clear that it would incorporate the Snapdragon 775G as a processor that will be presented tomorrow in China. New voices too give great importance to the Density 10000 processor from MediaTek.


After Xiaomi’s monopoly with the SoC Density 820 at Redmi 10X which has curdled very well in China, other manufacturers such as Oppo and Vivo would be planning a greater commitment to processors with 5G connectivity of this brand.

Xiaomi and Redmi product manager, Wang teng, it did not take long to insinuate on Weibo that Redmi will use this processor in their future smarpthones. We recall that the Density 10000 is a processor manufactured with 7nm technology with eight cores Cortex 77 and Cortex A55 able to reach 500,000 points in Antutu.

The Dimensity 10000 would allow Xiaomi and Redmi to incorporate 5G connectivity and high processing power at a lower cost than Qualcomm SoCs. It seems that the increase in cost can give MediaTek a great opportunity to make up for the gaming models where it has not managed to succeed.

Personally I don’t think Xiaomi will switch to MediaTek in the Mi CC / Note range. This range has always made use of Qualcomm technology since apart from power, these processors offer better energy management.

However, the increase in cost with 5G technology and Redmi’s target audience with less purchasing power mean that these factors affect their smartphones to a greater extent. We will have to get used to seeing what remains of 2020 in an increased presence of this the MediaTek processors in the Xiaomi catalog.

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