Xiaomi weights for sale on Amazon and Aliexpress


The weights that Xiaomi sold in Youpin They are in the news again because they have been for sale on Amazon. We also bring you an alternative if we are looking to spend less money but having multipurpose weights.

Xiaomi weights for sale on Amazon and Aliexpress - Xiaomi News

Xiaomi weights for sale on Amazon and Aliexpress

Again Xiaomi surprises us with the sale in your Youpin store (manufactured products usually from third-party companies Xiaomi works with) of multifunctional weights designed to train at home and stay strong.

Xiaomi weights

These functional weights are manufactured by the company Yiwu Feier Sports Goods Co., Ltd. and they offer the user a kit made with good materials and adjustable sizes according to the user’s needs. These weights have a design that has won several awards for their design and operation. They stand out for their great ergonomics, dumbbell finishes, as well as a simple change between the different weight discs.

Xiaomi weights

This kit consists of a long bar that becomes a dumbbell as well as 4 discs and 2 small dumbbells. The entire kit is removable and allows the user to connect different discs with the bars and their relevant nuts to mount a different weight and so you can do different workouts.

The weight kit sold by Xiaomi begins at a price of 98 yuan with 10Kg of weights (€ 13), until 40Kg of weights at a cost of 288 yuan (€ 38) in China.

Buy weights from China using Aliexpress

These weights can be purchased from this Aliexpress seller at a price from € 227 to € 514.

As we see there is too high a price rise due to the profits, the weight of the weights and the shipping.

Xiaomi weights for sale on Amazon and Aliexpress - Xiaomi News

Buy the weights from China through Amazon

As we discussed at the beginning of the news, these weights that Xiaomi has sold on the brand’s Youpin Fed They have been on sale for a few hours through Amazon Spain.

This morning looking for sports equipment I have found them and I was surprised to see them for sale. For the moment, The seller only sells the 10Kg kit at a price of € 237. Estimated shipping is 3-5 weeks.

If you are looking for weights with the same modular design but with a lower price this kit with 15Kg at a price of € 156 and fast shipping from Spain. Being the best option.

On the other hand if you are looking for products with which to train your body do not miss this list of products for athletes, runners and yoga lovers with products launched by Xiaomi in your Youpin store.

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