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Again we come to talk to you about one of those products offered for sale by Xiaomi in its store Youpin and that you can buy now. This new product is the first Webcam that Xiaomi launches for sale on Youpin and has a laughable price.

This is the first Webcam that Xiaomi puts on sale on Youpin and that you can now buy

As I mentioned, this is the first webcam that Xiaomi sells in its online store dedicated to the public in China. This comes with a slim design finished in plastic, being its weight of 105 grams.

This camera is manufactured by the same company that manufactures home automation cameras for the Mi Home environment, being the manufacturer Xiaovv. With what we have 2 megapixel resolution up to 1080p. With the autofocus function, which is able to guarantee that we always have clear videos. We will also have a 105º viewing angle.

How could it be otherwise, this Webcam that Xiaomi de Xiaovv sells has a microphone. Being ideal for webinars, video conferences, or recordings. The built-in noise-canceling microphone reduces ambient noise to improve video sound quality. Even in a noisy environment, it can capture the sounds we want. Add a clamp that allows it to be integrated into any PC monitor, TV, or even be on top of a surface.

The best of all is that it works with USB 2.0, and no additional drivers are required. Ready to use in less than 1 min with any computer. The convenient foldable design makes it easy to take anywhere, and the 1.5-meter USB cable is long enough for any task. Works with the operating systems of Windows 7/8/10, Linux 2.4.6 and up MacOS10.5 onwards, being compatible with a wide variety of video conferencing software such as Zoom, Yahoo, Google Hangouts and Skype.

Where can I buy this Webcam?

This webcam that Xiaomi sells It can be purchased from now at a price of € 13 / $ 15 at this Aliexpress seller. An affordable price for anyone looking for a low-cost option for telecommuting video calls.

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