Xiaomi TV Master Series, the high-end TV from Xiaomi


The arrival of OLED TVs under the Mi brand was beginning to be an open secret. Now Xiaomi confirms the arrival of a new series My tv dedicated to the most bulky pockets in China. Xiaomi Master Series OLED will mark a before and after in the market for premium range TVs.

Xiaomi announces that its new range of televisions will focus on delivering the maximum exponential in technology to the user. This is how we will see that Xiaomi Master Series will be presented on July 2, accompanied by specifications as premium as the use of an OLED panel, 120Hz to be a true TV Gaming and Dolby Vision / Panoramic Sound.

As external elements, you will have RGB breathing lights, which will light up in time with the sound and the image.

This approach of this series arrives to offer high-end televisions to the Chinese population that have loose budgets and that seek to obtain the highest image quality and detail regardless of the price to pay. This would be the first TV series that can compete against LG and Samsung against Premium TV.

On July 2 we will know all the details, but we warn that these Xiaomi Mi TV Master Series will not leave China at the moment and if they did, it would take time to see them reach our territories.