Xiaomi TV Master Series officially presented, the best Xiaomi TV

Just like yesterday, we advanceXiaomi presented its new high-end television a few minutes ago in China, designed to offer the best investment in image and design technology. Xiaomi TV Master Series is the name given to this new Mi TV that arrives to be sold in the company’s native country among those seeking to obtain the best image quality and performance.

TV Master Series arrives with a size of 65 ″ in which its image panel is OLED and occupies 98.8% of the body. The quality of this panel is overwhelming and we find that it thus has full pixel independent light control, infinitely close to 0 nit field for absolute black, with 10-bit professional grade color depth, professional display grade color. Delta E1.5 with a wide P3 color gamut.

Xiaomi TV Master series 4K 120hz (2)

In addition, Xiaomi TV Master Series takes the hertz to another direction and this time we find 120Hz, double what is common on TV. This is intended to be enjoyed by PC gamers or the next generation of consoles.

Completing its specifications, we found Dolby Vision with HDR, adds AI with its MediaTek CPU to offer personalized content with high fluidity in system and image. On its front, there is a Led strip that changes colors according to the images that are represented. Add MIUI for TV, a new version of MIUI for televisions that improves the interface of the Patchwall system that the company used until now. To offer the highest image quality with the new consoles, add HDMI 2.1.

The price of this new Xiaomi TV Master Series is 12,999 yuan, which in exchange is € 1,632. This TV will currently only be sold in China.