Xiaomi telescope measures distances, angles and speeds


One more day the Xiaomi company puts on sale in its store Youpin a new gadget. This time Xiaomi sells a telescope manufactured by the Myris Electromechanical (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

This mini telescope is a viewfinder with a telephoto lens that seeks to offer up to 6x with 600 meters of distance vision. This telescope with a simple design and resistant to temperature changes has measurements of 110 x 65 x 38 mm. It receives a rubber cover to be non-slip as well as a measure of protection against falls. Inside, to function, it houses a CR2 battery.

Xiaomi in your Youpin store explains that this telescope has a 6X fixed focus optical telephoto system, with a field of view of 7 °. It can reach long distances of 600 meters, and the range error within 600 meters is only 0.5 meters. You just have to point and the telescope will give us information on the distance, the angles or the speed at which the object moves.

In addition to measuring distance, you can also measure the speed of the objects you are aiming at. The user only needs to press the measurement key and follow the measured object. The telescope can show the movement speed of the object in real time, which is suitable for watching car or animal racing. One of its most practical uses is that the manufacturer has added a mode for golfers that measures the path of the ball to the neck.

This distance and speed measuring telescope has been put up for sale in the store Youpin from Xiaomi at a price of 369 yuan (€ 47 / $ 53). We hope to find it for sale in the stores of the main resellers in a few days at a higher price than the one mentioned.

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