Xiaomi Smartphone can measure the heart rate with its rear camera

The gadgets that all brands manufacture are increasingly focused in one way or another on being able to offer some benefit to our health. That is why Xiaomi developed its Health app that allows us to keep track of our health.

This application has been updated in its Chinese version including a new functionality thanks to which any smartphone of the brand you can use your camera to measure our heart rate.

Your Xiaomi can measure the heart rate with its rear

As you can see in the following video, simply cover the main sensor of the camera with our finger and the moment it detects our finger it will begin to measure our pulsations for a few moments until it has an approximate measurement of our pulse during that time.


Once the process is finished, the app will ask us what state we were in at the time of taking the measurement: Rest, relaxed, or after exercising. After that answer and the data obtained, the app will show us our average pulse and will indicate whether the pulse is normal, too slow, or too fast. In addition, the app will keep a record of all this data.

It goes without saying that this measurement will not have the same accuracy as that presented by the heart rate sensors that we can have in the latest Xiaomi wearables or Amazfit. But if it is going to help us, if you do not have one of these devices, to keep track.

This new functionality is already available in version 2.7.4 of the Health app in China.