Xiaomi Smart Hula Hoop Listed On YouPin

Xiaomi Smart Hula Hoop Listed On YouPin: Again Xiaomi surprises us again with another practical product for sale at Youpin.

This time it’s about a smart hula hoop with which you will burn hundreds of calories in a more fun and enjoyable way than you could imagine.

In detail we are facing a product manufactured by Move It, its weight is approximately 1KG, while its diameter does not exceed 98cm allowing it to be ginned to be transported in a simple and comfortable way.

What is really interesting is found inside and is that this hula hoop has smart functions thanks to its motion sensor. Through this, we can monitor the exercise we have done and interact with countless classes that we can access from its own app.

Xiaomi puts on sale a smart hula hoop with which you will burn hundreds of calories - Xiaomi News - XIAOMIADICTOS

For this, this smart hula hoop has a Bluetooth connection, thus allowing the data collected to be synchronized and synchronized with the various types of classes; maintenance exercise, calorie-burning, or even a hula hoop learning mode.


Also, this hula hoop has a small screen from which we can view information related to the number of spins, calorie-burning, or the time we have been using it in the current exercise session.


For its operation, it uses a battery of 180mAh rechargeable via port micro USB. Thanks to this we will achieve a fairly high autonomy, making us forget about having to charge it.


Price and availability

The price of this new smart hula hoop that Xiaomi offers us in its crowdfunding platform is barely 129 yuan, about 1402 INR To the change. At the moment it is only sold on Youpin although it would be expected to appear on AliExpress shortly.