Xiaomi shows us a new concept of folding smartphone

xiaomi Smartphone plegable

June seems to be the Xiaomi patent month. In this case, the fourth concept that the Asian company has patented focuses on a new concept of folding smartphone with a new design that mounts three sensors with an organization never seen before.

Not surprisingly this week Xiaomi has been named as one of the most innovative companies in the world. And it is that with this rhythm of patents it seems that you want to strengthen in the race to offer the best technological gadgets.

This concept would mount two sensors on one edge leaving another sensor just in the opposite position. Having a double selfie camera on the front that becomes a three-lens camera when folded thanks to the not very aesthetic notch that the frame presents.

According to the information provided, the smartphone would fold up keeping the screen inside and obtaining a compact size. Which would leave in the air how we could use this new triple rear camera mode.

With the few details that have been leaked from this new patent, it is difficult to understand how Xiaomi intends to take advantage of this concept with such a strange camera design. However, Xiaomi continues its career to gain a foothold in the niche of folding smartphones which gradually begins to increase the number of models available where Xiaomi currently has no presence.

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