Xiaomi Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm, the latest from Xiaomi


One more day Xiaomi has added to the shelves of its store Youpin a new product to exercise muscles. This time the novelty that Xiaomi sells on Youpin comes under the brand 7th and under the name of Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm.

This new invention that Xiaomi sells is based is based on realizing force with the rolling and turning of two wheels that increase the force to apply and the muscular wear to each other by continuously rolling our wrists and arms. Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm is made of 430 steel and Q235 carbon steel. This version has a weight of 12 pounds (5.44Kg).

As we see on the Xiaomi website, Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm allows the performance of various types of exercise that will help us streamline our movements as well as increase the strength that our arms will retain with the tension of the turns and the resistance that it adds.

With Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm the user will be able to perform various types of exercise that will improve psychomotor movements and their muscles. Xiaomi adds information on the types of exercises that can be performed with Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm:

Xiaomi puts on sale a new gym apparatus that will put our arms like a rock

Xiaomi Seven Tourbillon SpeedXiaomi Seven Tourbillon Speed

All these types of exercises will make our arms, shoulders and wrists are continuously working to improve their muscles.

Xiaomi Seven Tourbillon Speed

Xiaomi not only sells a version of this Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm. Xiaomi also sells in its store Youpin a lower weight version, being 3.8kg for people with less muscle mass and who are looking to get started in this type of training.

Xiaomi sells this Seven Tourbillon Speed ​​Arm at a price of 299 yuan (€ 38) the basic version weighing 3.8Kg. The heaviest version that reaches 5.44Kg is priced at 399 yuan (€ 50).

At the moment both versions are only available for purchase from China for residents of the country. It is expected that in a few weeks we will find it for sale through Aliexpress resellers at a higher price than the mentioned one.

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