Xiaomi Roidmi Nano, the new Roidmi vacuum cleaner sold by Xiaomi

Roidmi is one of the brands that has achieved greater fame thanks to the sales and trade agreements that Xiaomi offers with its third-party store Youpin. Roidmi has managed to achieve a good brand positioning by selling most of its vacuum cleaners on this platform belonging to Xiaomi and today they show us what is expected to be their next bestseller, Roidmi Nano.

Xiaomi Roidmi Nano

Xiaomi places the Roidmi handheld vacuum cleaner on the shelves of its online store. A compact vacuum cleaner already on sale on Aliexpress or Amazon. This handheld vacuum cleaner comes to be the ally in cleaning our car or home.

Roidmi Nano comes in two colors, these being black or white. This stands out for its modern and minimalist line with a compact design. Thanks to its lightweight, just 0.5 kg, you can take it wherever you want: in your bag, suitcase, car … up to 45,000 RPM and 60W. Its high-performance battery runs for 25 minutes on a single charge. Roidmi Nano includes a HEPA filter and a sponge that eliminates dust mites, bacteria, and allergens.

Xiaomi Roidmi Nano

This disposes of a size of 275 × φ60mm. Inside it is housed 0.1L tank. Using this vacuum cleaner at full capacity its noise is <65dB. Dispose of a led bulb on its front to be able to see in the darkest places of our car or home.

Buy Roidmi Nano vacuum cleaner that Xiaomi sells on Youpin

This Roidmi vacuum cleaner is already on sale and we should not wait to buy it. Roidmi landed in Europe some time ago and that makes buying her products very easy.

This Roidmi Nano is for sale in Aliexpress priced at € 69 if we want to buy it from outside Spain. If we want it from Spain and with an even cheaper price we can buy it from * Amazon at a price of € 59.90.

* 5-year warranty with an official distributor: Roidmi has an official distributor in Spain. Buy Roidmi in the official channels to obtain the 5-year warranty on the engine and 2 years on components with pickup and delivery.