Xiaomi Roidmi Mojietu tire inflator

The Roidmi brand that has become highly known thanks to its commercial agreements with Xiaomi in the launch of handheld vacuum cleaners dares to play in the league of tire and balloon inflators. Roidmi’s proposal is similar to the Xiaomi inflator under its brand Mijia, inflator that we analyze and that it has made a name for itself as one of the best sellers worldwide.

Roidmi, brand known by Xiaomi launches its own tire and balloon inflator

The Roidmi inflator comes with 4 modes of use, all of them selectable thanks to a touch screen in which the user decides what type of tire or balloon to inflate. This has Psi and Bar measurements to indicate the pressure to the user.

Roidmi baptizes this tire inflator with the name of MOJIETU. With a pressure value of 3 -150psi / 0.2 – 10.3bar, MOJIETU can inflate bicycle, car, ball, swim ring, and other inflatable wheels. MOJITO has an accurate and easy to read built-in pressure gauge. The pressure gauge on the LCD digital display will give accurate readings and you can easily read the pressure in real-time in total darkness.

Allows you to easily monitor the air pressure during inflation as it will work until you reach the desired pressure. Simply connect the windpipe to the tire valve, then you can move away from the device and the pressure does not need to be controlled.

Roidmi, brand known by Xiaomi launches its own tire and balloon inflator

To do this Roidmi adds 4 inflatable scene modes with preset pressure value, including bicycle tire mode, motorcycle tire mode, car tire mode and balloon mode. It takes only 1 minute to fully inflate a punctured basketball and only 6 minutes to fully inflate a flat tire.

With the built-in 2,600 mAh lithium battery the user will be able to inflate up to 9 times the wheel of a bicycle, 6 car tires, 7 motorcycle tires or up to 44 balls. Its compact size allows the user to transport or store the inflator anywhere.

Its price ranges from € 33 / $ 39 in China. At the moment Roidmi, the store’s sponsored brand Youpin Xiaomi has decided to sell this inflator privately without resorting to the Xiaomi platform. Roidmi has opened list of information so that interested users receive news of when it will go on sale.