Xiaomi rises with the victory of seeing Redmi and QCY increase sales

Today we wake up with good news for two of the headphone brands that collaborate with Xiaomi. Redmi, Xiaomi’s “independent” sub-brand, has managed to increase its market share in the sale of Bluetooth headsets. Likewise, QCY, an independent brand, not belonging to Xiaomi but binding to Xiaomi thanks to headphone manufacturing treaties, enters the top of the brands that have the most sales of headphones in the world market.

A report released this morning by the Canalys company shows that Apple continues to be the leader in selling Bluetooth headphones with AirPods, its market share increases by up to 60% year-over-year.

Bluetooth headphone sales

Samsung is the second brand that increases the most with 30% more year on year and is far from what Apple has achieved with its Bluetooth headphones.

In the third position, we find Redmi, Xiaomi sub-brand that for the first time appears in this register and shows a well-positioned entry thanks to the Redmi AirDots. In the fourth position, we find the company QCY, a company that has several brands and that has launched several of its headphones in the store Youpin Xiaomi, and that has come to manufacture Xiaomi headphones throughout these years. QCY manages to register one of the largest year-on-year increases in quota, achieving a growth of 172%.

Finally, we find Huawei, where it is shown that its share increase is as high as 261%. Despite this, its annual sales figures are far from Apple, Samsung, or even Redmi.