Xiaomi releases part of its artificial intelligence code


The Xiaomi has announced that the MIUI development team has published on GitHub the source code of its artificial intelligence project MACE so that the developer community benefits from this project and can continue improving it.

MACE is a project of artificial intelligence created by the Xiaomi team that has been specially designed to be run on smartphone chips. These deep learning neural networks have been released for developers to use and have a good foundation on which to start.

The MACE project had its origin in the need to have artificial intelligence systems in light environments such as a smartphone. Although PCs and smartphones are increasingly more on par with hardware, AI cannot be limited to high-end terminals alone.

From this need Xiaomi began this project that is now public and that the users of its smartphones already We have been able to enjoy features such as camera scene recognition, portrait mode, face unlock, behavior prediction, machine translation, voice recognition, etc …

Without a doubt it is very good news both for the developer community focused on this area and for us as users. Open source has always given good results in the technological field and has made great strides. We will see that new projects and functionalities are created from MACE.