Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Shines in Another Color – Nebula Purple

Xiaomi 8
Written by Vishal Patel

Redmi Note 8 has reached the market as a new mid-range alternative replacing the current Redmi Note 7. A device that has finally been renamed Redmi Note 8T in the Global market and now dresses in purple in a spectacular finish called « Nebula Purple «.

Specifically, it has been through Weibo where the firm has announced this new color variant, being this November 18 when it is released for sale in the Chinese market. In this way, the color range of the Redmi Note 8 is extended by adding to the existing space black, lunar white and input blue, the new color with purple and violet tones.

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In addition, as with the other color variants, this new Nebula Purple has a degraded 3D finish, with purple and violet sparkles. A spectacle of colors that undoubtedly bring a great attraction and fresh air to the mid-range of Redmi.

It should be noted that this new version has only been announced for the Redmi Note 8, so for its global version, that is the Note 8T, we will continue to have the current midnight gray, stellar blue and lunar white.

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