Xiaomi recovers and updates its Portal function for MIUI 12 portal


Back in 2017, Xiaomi added an experimental functionality called «Portal» That allowed us to obtain information from a text quickly. Functionality that was finally undone but that has wanted to recover and give it a new design to be finally present in MIUI 12.

MIUI 9 was the version originally intended to add this functionality. Since then, many have been the innovations that Xiaomi has introduced until the twelfth version of its operating system that seems to be finally integrating this functionality which is already in the beta testing phase for China.


The Portal functionality allows you to select a word or text and obtain information immediately. Once we select the text, the system will search for relevant information on the internet and show it to us at the bottom. In this way, we can obtain data as a description, meaning of a word or location.

Apart from improving the internal algorithm, its interface has been improved and it has been adapted to the integrated Dark Mode 2.0 as a novelty in MIUI 12. It is currently already being tested and probably in the coming months we will be able to receive it globally on our smartphones compatible with the latest version of the Xiaomi operating system.