Xiaomi pronounces on the paralysis of its veto in the United States


After the precautionary standstill by the United States of the veto to Xiaomi. The Asian company has released a statement declaring itself on the matter.

In the statement that we show you below, Xiaomi reiterates that it is a publicly-traded corporation and independently operates and manages, and in no case can it be designated as «Chinese Communist Military Company»(CMCC).

Xiaomi United States
Official statement

Similarly, Xiaomi believes that the decisions to designate it as a CCMC are arbitrary and capricious, and the United States judge has shown agreement after the precautionary freeze. Despite the standstill, the company will continue to request that the court permanently remove this designation.

This litigation will still take a long time to resolve and we will probably find ourselves in the coming months with new movements both by the US government and by Xiaomi itself. A proxy war between the US and China in which the most affected will be the users of the brand.

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