Xiaomi presents its new Smart Display Speaker Pro 8: a smart speaker with an integrated 8-inch screen

xiaomi smart display speaker
Written by Nimesh Patel

As the signature had advanced, yesterday the new Xiaomi Smart Display Speaker Pro 8 was introduced. An intelligent speaker that unlike the rest of the firm’s models incorporates a large 8-inch screen in the purest Google Nest Hub style.

More than just a speaker, the new Smart Display Speaker Pro 8 is presented as a management center for the wide range of home automation products that Xiaomi has. And it is that thanks to its WiFi and Bluetooth connection it allows you to manage the more than 2,000 accessories that the firm has.

Thanks to its screen that grows 36% from the previous generation to 8 inches, we can visualize all kinds of content. Its resolution is 1,280 × 800 pixels and among its interesting functions, we can visualize in real-time what is visualized by all those surveillance cameras that we have connected in the Mi Home platform.

xiaomi smart display speaker 1

xiaomi smart display speaker pro 8

In addition, thanks to its small camera located at the top we can make video calls through the Internet with great sound and visual quality. Also, this new product is able to connect to various online streaming services available in China in order to view all kinds of movies and series.

A powerful 50.8mm speaker with an integrated bass boost and power of no less than 10W has been incorporated for music and sound reproduction. It also includes DTS-Sound audio support.

xiaomi smart display speaker

xiaomi smart display speaker

In addition, the new Xiaomi Smart Display Speaker Pro 8 allows you to view educational children’s content, customize your wallpapers, view, and forecast and program various alarms among other functions. In addition, it has support for the XiaomiAI voice assistant.

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