Xiaomi prepares new smartphones with 30W of charging power

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Xiaomi returns to the old ways and this time it will do so with new terminals that are expected to be the successors of the CC9 gamma. So we can see that Xiaomi is preparing new smartphones with 30W of charging power.

The clues of the arrival of new mobile terminals come under a new 3C certification from China. In this certification, we find that Xiaomi prepares new smartphones that are about to be launched with an MDY-11-EX charger with a maximum power of 33W which is the same as the Redmi K30 Pro adds (Little F2 Pro


This new smartphone is expected to be the CC10, a terminal that would release the Snapdragon 775G processor that has not yet been presented and will do so soon.


At the moment everything is rumored, but it is expected that the unknowns will be cleared this month or early July.

As always, we will tell you more details when there are more accurate data so as not to go with the speculative.

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