Xiaomi prepares India to become the manufacturer of its international market terminals

Xiaomi prepares India to become the manufacturer of its international market terminals
Written by Nimesh Patel

Xiaomi Vice President, Manu Kumar, is working so that India can acquire this new role in the strategy of the Asian firm

Xiaomi has managed to expand to international markets at high speed since the last two years while India has become the second most important country in the world for the Asian firm, surpassing renowned firms such as Samsung.

Manu Kumar, vice president of Xiaomi and head for the Indica, stressed that Xiaomi currently has 7 manufacturing centers in India that produce 99% of the terminals it sells in the country. He has also confirmed that they are in talks with OEM, Foxconn, and Flextronics for India to become the global manufacturing center of Xiaomi.

At the moment the Asian firm has started a small pilot program in which they will focus on manufacturing Xiaomi smartphones destined for Bangladesh and Nepal.

We will see if Xiaomi manages to meet the needs of the second-largest market in the world that during 2019 has achieved an increase in the number of terminals sold by 9.3% reaching 4660 million units, in which Xiaomi has increased its share in an 8.5%

There is no doubt that this manufacturing strategy would have a double objective. In China, the emission restrictions, the increase of the middle class and wages makes the manufacturing cost increase. And older Xiaomi would have their backs covered in the event that the trade war with the US imposes new tariffs and export problems from China.

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