Xiaomi posture cushion, the latest from Xiaomi on Youpin

One more day the store Youpin Xiaomi is the protagonist of receiving on its shelves a comfortable cushion designed for all those who currently work from home or in the office and spend many of our hours sitting.

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This new cushion that Xiaomi sells is designed so that we spend hours sitting without having back pain, improving our posture and our buttocks are comfortable for hours.

This cushion can be used in any chair or chair, included in the car seat if it is allowed in the regulations of our country. To be extremely comfortable, the cushion is internally made of high resistance sponge, which in turn has high breathability.

The design accommodates the buttocks and straightens the spine so that our body does not get tired of the posture and in turn we do not do strange postures that can cause some type of injury when sitting for hours.

This memory cushion has been selling in the store for a few days Youpin from Xiaomi at a price of 199 yuan (€ 25 / $ 28). But if we want to get hold of it we will have to pay a higher price than the one mentioned because the sale is made as always by resellers.

We can buy it now at a price of € 42 / $ 50 at this reputed Aliexpress seller.