Xiaomi pocket massager, the latest Xiaomi news on Youpin

Xiaomi pocket massager, the latest Xiaomi news on Youpin

This new gadget called Merrick Pocket Nano is crowdfunding on the marketplace Youpin from Xiaomi. A pocket massager that has already raised more than 190% of the expected funds.

The aim of this massage gun is deeply relax the muscle through high frequency vibrations, so that the blood can flow smoothly and eliminate the lactic acid produced by exercise, in order to eliminate muscle pain.

Weighing 360 grams and is equipped with a 2500 mAh battery and fast charging technology through its USB C connection. It uses a 3200 rpm brushless motor capable of offering powerful torque 490mN.m, with a massage depth of 7.5 mm offering a noise of 40db.

Has three-speed to wake up the muscles at 1600 rpm, relaxation at 2400 rpm and deep massage at 3200 rpm. Furthermore, its head can be exchanged using the ball, the flat head or the U-type head.

Price and availability of Merrick Pocket Nano at Youpin

This new pocket massager will be officially on sale from July 29 although it is currently in crowdfunding for a price of 399 yuan, € 50 To the change. Soon we will be able to acquire it through resellers.