Xiaomi patents a new concept with rear camera with 360º turn

Xiaomi has patented a new rear camera design for smartphones that would eliminate the need for the notch, screen notches, or periscope cameras thanks to a new module that rotates 360º.

This component would be located on the back of the device, and It will be able to freely rotate 360 ​​degrees to free the front sensor. This concept adds a module with two rear sensors and a front one that will be hidden by default until we turn it.

Although this patent will probably never come true, Xiaomi continues to investigate different alternatives to eliminate the need to integrate a camera on the screen with technologies that are cheaper than mount sensors behind the screen.Xiaomi-camara-giratoria-patente

This new camera module is unlikely to be seen and more with such wide ranges of mobility that its fragility increases considerably. And with extensively tested retractable camera modules already in the making, it’s a good idea but one that most likely won’t go out of the way.

This is the fourth patent that we echo in just 6 months with new designs of smartphones with different concepts to integrate the selfie camera. After Xiaomi was spent more than 5.3 million yuan in 2019 on more than 33,000 patents It seems that this year this figure may be exceeded.