Xiaomi Ninebot No. 9, the new Segway kart

The Chinese company that we follow on a daily basis has put the new Ninebot kart for sale. This new Ninebot kart arrives under the name of Ninebot No. 9 Kart Pro and Xiaomi has started selling it in your store Youpin for a price of nothing more and nothing less than € 1,300, only suitable for citizens who reside in China and have the necessary permits to circulate it.

This is the Ninebot No. 9 Kart Pro that Xiaomi sells on Youpin

Ninebot is an independent company that has little to do with Xiaomi if it were not for its trade agreements. Ninebot is a stellar company that became highly known in the 2000s with the launch of two-wheeled scooters that came under the Segway brand. Ninebot is the direct manufacturer of Xiaomi scooters and has made a big name for itself.

Ninebot is not a novice brand or company and has shown for years that it is a benchmark in launching electric scooters, in fact, we analyze one of its most famous scooters the ES2 model.

Now Ninebot seeks to reaffirm its position as a manufacturer with the launch of a new version of its electric kart that we saw arrive in 2018.

The Ninebot No. 9 Kart Pro takes up the kart idea that we saw years ago, even in that case it was a more amateur product, also suitable for children. As the name itself says “Pro”, the objective of this new model coincides with those who need a real track vehicle. The company took approximately 2 years to build it, adopting a line inspired by the most professional competitors.

Xiaomi Ninebot No. 9, the new Segway kart - Xiaomi News

Metal pedals, streamlined design, LED lights, and spoilers are just a few of the elements that stand out overall.

The internal motor releases a maximum power of 2,400W, for a maximum speed of 37 km / h. Like any modern product worth its salt, the Ninebot No. 9 has a 432 Wh power compartment that offers a range of 62 laps on a 400-meter track. But that’s not all: in the chassis there are also 8W speakers with Bluetooth support, to pair with smartphones and enjoy your favorite music while you go on track.

This electric kart as we mentioned is aimed at professionals and therefore its price is highly elevated. At the moment Ninebot distributes them for sale through the store Youpin Xiaomi at a price of 8,998 yuan. which in the exchange are about € 1,130. At the moment there are no plans to see this kart outside the borders of China.