Xiaomi Nextool Flashlight, the latest novelty from Xiaomi

Xiaomi returns to the fee by adding in its store Youpin Multifunctional torch from Nextool. This brand of survival accessories is not the first time we have met with it, as we have seen it on previous occasions in the store Youpin from Xiaomi and we have even analyzed one of its main products, multifunctional Swiss Army knife made in China.

Xiaomi Nextool Flashlight

Now Nextool brings us to Xiaomi a flashlight that has several purposes and which could undoubtedly save our lives if we are isolated in the mountains.

This flashlight has a spherical and elongated body that is 160.5 mm long and 34 mm wide. Inside there is a 2600mAh battery via USB Type-C and USB Type-A. This charging input is omni-directional with which it is used to charge and charge a smartphone or gadget, making it a survival goal if we don’t have a battery in our smartphone.

On the other hand, this battery powers a headlamp as well as a side flashing lamp and a small speaker to give audible warnings and thus be able to alert people who may be around us.

The headlamp has a luminous flux of 1000 lumens. This gives you up to 240 meters of field of view. Thanks to the use of a retractable telescopic lens, the user will be able to regulate the focus of light and the proportions with which the lighting will work.

Along with this extendable head we find small speakers that can be used with a variety of preloaded sounds that will alert people who may be around us.

Xiaomi Nextool Flashlight

On the side we have a small screen with a matte light that will be used to flash the lights and warn the light that we are in a dangerous situation. This lighting in turn allows the user to illuminate small spaces. Nextool completes the project with three magnets that rotate 360º to magnetize any metal surface and give us light.

Xiaomi Nextool Flashlight

All lighting modes can be changed using the button at the end of the flashlight. It also adds IPX4 protection to withstand raindrops.

The price of this Nextool flashlight that Xiaomi sells in the store Youpin It is 99 yuan (EUR 12 / USD 15).

If we want to do about it, we must pay the price of 29 € / 34 $ with this Aliexpress seller.

We remember that every weekend we show where we can get this type of interesting products from other manufacturers and that Xiaomi sells on Youpin. You can check out all builds of new products at this link.