Xiaomi new patent with dual screen design

The design of smartphones seems to be reaching a new phase, or that seems to indicate each new patent that smartphone manufacturers are certifying. The new patent certified by Xiaomi again insists on taking out smartphones with a double curved screen, a screen that this time seeks to captivate looks in breach of the regulations that until now had been in force with the launch of smartphones with multiple lenses.

This new Xiaomi patent seeks the desire to sell smartphones with a futuristic design that for the moment is resisting reaching the public.

We find a dual-screen design, the main one being a full version with the selfie camera under the screen. At the back we see a huge lens that seeks to be the all-seeing eye. This design allows Xiaomi to introduce a smaller rear screen than the front one.

A design that continues in the wake of the famous Mi Mix Alpha and that is so fashionable Xiaomi is looking for replicate with your patents. A design that for the moment captivates with the look and not with the usability.

All the patents that we see Xiaomi register come with the same pattern of seeing the design of what we know as a smartphone change. Every year new fashions and rules appear in the sector to make all smartphones identical, without too many changes. This design seems to seek to change these rules and at the moment it does not seem to want to go out and face the reality that they are not very usable in hand.

At the moment all these patents are mere concepts of what could change the design of what we know today, but it seems unlikely to see more than one manufacturer take this type of design to the next level.