Xiaomi Improves its New Application Drawer by Adding Practical Categories

A few days ago we anticipated the arrival of the new application drawer to MIUI 11. Some of the most anticipated features that allow us to manage all applications in one place so that we only keep on the desktop those that we really use frequently.

Xiaomi Improves its New Application Drawer by Adding Practical Categories

To date, MIUI had never had an application drawer, rather they were added directly to the desktop in a way very similar to what happens in the Apple system. The best thing is that now we can manage them from a practical drawer that in addition to being optional will allow us to order our installed apps through categories.

application drawerapplication drawer

This has been advanced by XDA-Developers, who discovered in the latest version of MIUI 11 that Xiaomi is testing this practical functionality in its new application drawer. Specifically, once we enable the application drawer, this will allow us to automatically sort the applications in various categories.

In addition, we can eliminate those categories that we do not use or directly create new ones in order to have greater control of the apps we use regularly. Undoubtedly, a functionality that was shouted for quite a few versions of MIUI and that now will allow us to have a much cleaner, tidy system and with much faster and more direct access to the application that we want to use at all times.

Recall that these new features have been found in the Chinese ROM of MIUI 11. Therefore, we will have to wait until Xiaomi decides to launch them to the Stable and Global version in a period that sometimes exceeds weeks or even months.

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Via-  XDA-Developers 

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