Xiaomi MIUI 12 reading mode, a real reading mode

Xiaomi’s custom interface, MIUI 12, started to launch a few weeks ago for some devices such as the Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, and Redmi Note 8, which are already in their stable version, that is, the version final. of “bug-free” software.

And even with some devices already receiving this update, the company continues to test new features for its user interface. One of them, previously revealed, is the tossound source, which allows the user to control the volume of various sources separately, allowing Spotify music, for example, not to stop when accessing a video in Instagram stories.

Now the Asian giant has added another feature in the beta version of its system: the real reading mode. This feature will apply an effect on the screen that simulates being a real paper book, so that the user does not get tired of reading a long period. It is important to keep in mind that this mode manages to reduce eyestrain even more effectively than the existing night mode or the reading mode that we talked about previously. in this article.

The discovery was made using the source code for the Chinese beta version of MIUI 12. References to a future “Paper Mode” were found in the source code in the read mode settings. Depending on the character lines, this mode will have a rough texture, as if simulating real paper on the screen.

In addition, within the reading mode, it is still possible to switch between 3 types of colors:

  • Full colors– The device will simulate paper, but without removing any tones from the screen.
  • Light colors: will feature some faded shades, similar to OxygenOS color reading mode
  • Black and white: the black and white color that we already know.

It is worth noting that these features have not been definitively introduced yet, even in the Xiaomi Beta version in MIUI 12, so they can be implemented in an upcoming version of the trial software or can be completely removed from the stable Global version. We will be watching to see if this feature definitely reaches all users.