Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer, Xiaomi’s first deep fryer

Xiaomi, one of the great references when it comes to buying gadgets of all kinds, continues to bet on expanding its catalog and having really impressive products. On this occasion, Xiaomi under the sub-brand Mijia -an expert in offering devices designed to have a connected home- presents an intelligent air fryer that stands out for being multifunctional and that is sold through crowdfunding for the Asian market.

Under the name of Mijia Smart Air Fryer, Xiaomi presents one of those useful and essential appliances in many kitchens such as an air fryer. A product that everyone can use and that helps to cook in a much more comfortable and simple way.


Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer cooks for you

In terms of design, the Mijia Smart Air Fryer takes the same minimalist references that characterize the Xiaomi family so much, sporting a very elegant white color. At the same time, it is a practical model, quite compact and discreet, so it is relatively easy to move and can be conveniently placed anywhere in the kitchen.

It features 3.5-liter inner capacity and uses 360-degree hot air circulation heating, which can precisely control the temperature at 40-200 degrees Celsius.


It is equipped with an OLED screen with a touch panel and a rotating wheel on the front that includes the temperature regulator and the timer control, being able to adjust both factors whenever and wherever desired.

Mijia Smart Air Fryer has undoubtedly been sought after by foodies thanks to the variety of functions and features it offers. It is a versatile fryer where multifunctionality becomes a star requirement. From a built-in oven or microwave oven to a fruit dryer and a yogurt maker. It can be used to defrost at a low temperature, bake fruit or meat, prepare yogurts, and even use a broil mode.

All this without oil and without fat due to its policy of not frying oil, a perfect option for healthy food preparation and quick cooking.

Its operation is simple, because thanks to the handle that it incorporates, the pan can be removed to check the state of the food at any time during the cooking process. The fryer will turn off when you pull the pan and will continue to run when you put it back.

In terms of smart functionalities, the air fryer has WiFi connectivity and is connected to the application My Home, so we can manage it from our smartphone using its app in a very comfortable way.

Likewise, the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Air Fryer has more than 50 different recipes, being able to choose the one we want or the one we most like and customize the cooking time or mode. This feature allows us to prepare all kinds of food that we have probably never cooked before.

With a kitchen increasingly integrated into the smart home thanks to the Mijia sub-brand, a household appliance of this type could not be left out of this equipment. In fact, we have already seen some examples over the last few months such as the first Mijia microwave.

The price of the new fryer Mijia Smart Air Fryer that Xiaomi sells is 299 yuan (38 € / 45 $). At the moment, this product is being financed and can only be purchased in China. Hopefully this smart fryer can be purchased from China in the next few days through the different sellers on Aliexpress.