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Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum


We got up and saw Xiaomi launch a new product for sale in China under its Mijia brand. This time Xiaomi seeks to improve its proposal in the vacuum cleaner market with the launch of its first small area vacuum cleaner. This one comes under the name of Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum Cleaner and looks like the Roidmi Nano, a vacuum cleaner of the brand that Xiaomi sells in its Youpin store.

Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum Cleaner has a weight of 0.5Kg in which its size is committed and thought of being able to be introduced in any corner of our home or car.


It has two buttons designed to turn on the vacuum cleaner and to remove the dust container. Inside is a 100,000 rpm brushless motor. To achieve maximum suction power, the power of this motor is redirected by 9 cones that reach 100AW of suction. Its battery is charged by USB Type C, although Xiaomi has not yet commented on the data of this battery.


The price of this Xiaomi Mijia Portable Vacuum Cleaner cordless portable vacuum cleaner is 199 yuan (24 € / 27 $) in China. It will be available for sale in China on July 29 and later we hope to find it for sale in Chinese import stores at a higher price than mentioned.

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