Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun: gun that completely eliminates pain

Do you feel like you haven’t recovered enough after doing physical activity? Are your muscle aches increasing? Xiaomi, hand in hand with Mijia, brings us his first and interesting high-power massage gun. Specifically, it is Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun, a muscle massager in pistol format aimed, especially, at athletes and people with continuous muscle pain or tears.

Muscle massage guns have become one of the basic accessories for the recovery of athletes. Therefore, on several occasions, we have seen products of this type through brands such as Yunmai. Now, the popular sub-brand Mijia has wanted to join this niche market by launching its first muscle massager.


This is the Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun

The new Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun accessory comes under a weight of only 856 grams Y a 47mm shank size. Thanks to this and its practical handle, this product becomes really easy and comfortable to use after each training session, as it allows the muscles to relax.

Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun completely eliminates muscle aches

What is really extraordinary is its design. It provides a model of dynamic balance, the amplitude of the body is quite small and the rubber handle is soft and extremely stable, in addition to being comfortable to hold and prevents numbness in the hands. On the other hand, it has a hidden ventilation design, which prevents sweat from dripping so as not to cause a malfunction.

In this massager we find a powerful high-speed brushless motor inside, low noise level, stability assistance system and constant pressure, among other aspects.

Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun completely eliminates muscle aches

It has several levels of intensity that favor the relaxation of the muscle from all the accumulated tension. Specifically, a three-speed vibration or mode setting is supported 1800rpm, 2400rpm and 3200rpm, and its noise level does not exceed 45dB.

Mijia Fascia Gun is also equipped with three types of interchangeable massage heads -Round massage head, flat massage head and cylindrical massage head-, which can meet the different relaxation needs of users.

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Contains a built-in 2600 mAh lithium battery with USB Type-C charging, so it is able to provide autonomy up to 12 hours on a single charge. For example, depending on the manufacturer, it can be used continuously over a month in 1st gear mode for 30 times.

In short, this is a very useful and effective product since can penetrate 10mm deep muscle groups, quickly relieve pain after exercise, improve muscle coordination, and promote muscle repair.

Gun Price and Availability

The price of this new Mijia Fascia Gun massage gun that Xiaomi sells It is 499 yuan (€ 57 / $ 68).

If we want to get hold of it, we will have to pay a somewhat higher price, being € 77 / $ 90 in this Aliexpress store.