Xiaomi Mi Watch- New Update will Solve the Slow Load Experience

The new Xiaomi Mi Watch has become one of the most anticipated gadgets of Xiaomi in 2019. The first smartwatch of the brand that makes clear its intentions of wanting to conquer the market by offering us a complete smartwatch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch- New Update will Solve the Slow Load Experience

Even so, as with virtually any gadget, smartphone, or even software, its first versions usually present certain bugs or bugs that the manufacturer subsequently resolves in the form of updates. In this case, one of the main problems that many Chinese users have experienced after the purchase of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is its slow loading.

The first Mi Watch sold are experiencing a fairly low charging speed, which means having to be charging their 570 / 590mAh battery for a longer time than normal. A “small” fault that Xiaomi has explained itself is at the software level, so it will be solved in the first major update that will be launched throughout December.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Besides, Xiaomi wanted to make it clear that although initially few providers of the internet are compatible with the eSIM of the Mi Watch, little by little they will be joining new iSP. This same problem could occur in Spain and Europe in general, being one of the main causes that a global version is not finally launched or more likely, will be delayed until Xiaomi has reached new agreements with the main operators.

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