Xiaomi Mi Watch will Receive its first Major Update improving its Performance and Increasing its Compatibility with iOS

Xiaomi Mi Watch
Written by Vishal Patel

One of the biggest attractions of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is its advanced system. A novel customization layer called MIUI for Watch and based on WearOS, which will receive its first update at the beginning of next December.

This is what Qu Heng, one of the executives of the technology department of Xiaomi, has said, ensuring that it will be this December 3 when they receive all the Mi Watch sold to date and via OTA their first major update.

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In detail, Qu Heng has specified that this first update will improve the performance of MIUI for Watch, optimizing system agility and improving synchronization with our smartphone. In addition, this update will speed up the download speed from the application store included in this new layer of customization based on WearOS.

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Also, Qu Heng has confirmed that this December 3, the Xiaomi Mi Watch will become even more compatible with iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. In this way, certain functions that to date were limited by Google’s WearOS application will become fully operational thanks to the launch of the Xiaomi Wear App for iOS.

Without a doubt, the very good news that will further improve the performance of the Xiaomi Mi Watch. In addition, in the face of a possible release in the Global version, it will allow us to reach beyond the Chinese borders with its much more polished MIUi for Watch system.

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