Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse, the mouse with assistant from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse, the mouse with assistant from Xiaomi


For the first time, the Asian firm launches on the market a computer mouse that allows you to summon your Chinese assistant Xiao AI. This mouse has been called Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse and today it has gone on sale in China at a price of 129 yuan (€ 16 / $ 19).

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse, much more than just a PC mouse

This new mouse arrives with a careful design in which its size is contained. It has a red button that is in the center of the mouse chassis and that if pressed for a few seconds will allow the user to invoke Xiao AI, the AI ​​of Xiaomi that only knows how to speak Chinese and Mandarin dialects.

Xiaomi Smart Mouse

With this mouse, the user will be able to activate the instant translation of texts on their computer, control the products connected to Xiaomi Mi Home and perform other intelligent functions that this AI allows by voice by having a microphone housed inside it.

On the other hand, Xiaomi equips this mouse with a 750mAh battery that is charged by USB Type C and that offers a battery life of 30 days and up to 180 days in standby mode.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Mouse can connect up to 3 devices, be it a tablet, a PC or a TV.

This PC mouse is intended for use in China or with users who can speak and converse in the native language of the country to make use of the functions with Xiao AI.

At the moment, its sale is relegated to the Asian continent. We hope to find it for sale soon at a higher price through resellers.

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