Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, the evolution of the concept smartphone

A few weeks ago, we showed you the draft of the latest patent registered by Xiaomi. Thanks to the network LetsGoDigital recreated the 3D design of this patent, so that we can appreciate the details of this new smartphone concept that Xiaomi brings us with which it would be her Mi Mix Alpha 2.

The Mi Mix series has grown a lot since Xiaomi released its first model in 2016. The series that stood out with Mix 2s and hit the bottom with his third version. Last year, Xiaomi wanted to revitalize the range with a new Alpha concept and its latest patent gives a new twist to a concept that has already been defined as Mix Alpha 2 or Mix 4 possible.

This new smartphone would forgo a single screen that takes up the entire front of the smartphone and most of its back cheaper dual-screen concept. In this way, the front panel would be covered with a screen that would cover all the way on the sides, and on the back, we would have an independent screen that would take up 60% of the area.

The remaining 40% would be covered by a large photographic lens. This new camera is called Super AI camera i would have one lens with 108 Mpx and a great zoom level.

In the video below you can see the details of this concept smartphone:

We will see if throughout 2020 Xiaomi will present this smartphone concept, which, although it should be cheaper than the Mix Alpha, would still escape the purchasing power of mere mortals. At the moment, we are left with this render that offers us a broader vision of the ideas that Xiaomi continues to work with for the smartphone of the future.