Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem presents the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Passing the equator of the year, Xiaomi, under the slogan “Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem”, brings a wave of new products to the European market that will be sold in our market in the coming months.

Shou Zi Chew, International President of Xiaomi He has clarified that during these months Xiaomi has given its help against Covid 19 by sending 2.5 million supplies to 37 different countries to combat the pandemic. He reminded himself that in this fight we are more united than ever.

He then gave way to comment that Xiaomi products based on the “Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem” lifestyle are highly popular and have become one of the biggest sources of income as well as reputation for the brand.

IoT products are the central points on which Xiaomi intends to focus to continue flooding the international market. All these centralized through its Gateway, one of the best-selling products to domotize a home or increase its security as we have already commented on several occasions.

In this new presentation, Xiaomi will focus on offering life products, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, new scooters, and some surprise that another that leaves a good taste in our mouths.

So we started to break down all the information in this new presentation:

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: Xiaomi Mi Band 5, smarter than the Mi Band 4, but leaving aside the most interesting

This basic version will improve aspects of the screen, sports monitoring and more additions that we detail in the next paragraph.

    • The screen grows: This new Mi Band 5 has a 1.1 ″ screen, it is larger than its predecessors but it is not a full-screen full as it was thought.
    • Greater customization on the dials: There will be more than 100 new covers with which the user can personalize creating their own style.
    • The dials are now dynamic: customization goes up a few steps in this new version and the covers take on a greater presence by having movement.
    • Screen customization: Now the user will be able to accommodate the environment and its functions to his liking, being able to highlight those that he uses the most over time.
    • More sports measurement: This Mi Band 5 comes with 11 sports modes, this version being the most complete of those released. Compared to the Mi Band 4 that accepted up to 6 sport measurement modes. We find Yoga monitoring, elliptical bike, jump rope …Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new Mi Band from Xiaomi
  • Now the sleep measurement is what we wanted it to be: One of the great improvements that this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 incorporates and that the user will notice from minute 1 is that it can record the hours or minutes in which the user takes a nap. With the previous Mi Band, the user could only see the record of sleeping at night, now with the Mi Band 5, the user will be able to count the hours of nap sleep.
  • PAI vitality index– The Mi Band 5 is the first Mi Band to add the PAI feature that Huami has added to its Amazfit smartwatches. This function gives a score to our well-being and exercise, encouraging the user to lead a healthy life. The application will offer daily recommendations to set achievable goals, thus improving the training function. Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new Mi Band from Xiaomi
  • Measurement and monitoring of menstruation: One of the best news that we see in this Mi Band 5 is the addition of having monitoring of menstruation in which the user must answer some questions that the Mi Fit app will ask to start helping the user know when to The period should arrive and thus keep track of the duration for days. A very good novelty for women in which the period can be continuously delayed.
  • Stress measurement function: The new Mi Band 5 will recognize when our state is altered and will recommend us to relax with guided breaths.
  • Taking photographs: The new version of the Xiaomi bracelet arrives with the novelty of being able to use the bracelet as a shutter button for photos. An idea taken from the Apple smartwatches and that allows the user to take pictures remotely by pressing a button.
  • Magnetic charge: One of the biggest problems that the Xiaomi Mi Band contained in its previous versions is that we always had to be removing the strap to be able to charge the measurement capsule. Now the Mi Band 5 solves this problem with the introduction of a magnetic charger that allows you to charge the pulse easily, this being one of the most notable improvements that the user will have in this new generation.

bracelet and display

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 specifications

Size and dimensions 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4 mm
materials Polycarbonate / 2.5D tempered glass + AF coating
Materials of the bracelet Silicone
Compatibility Android and iPhone
SoC Unspecified
Storage 16MB
RAM 512 KB
screen 1.2-inch AMOLED 126 x 294pp (16-bit display backlight: highest luminance ≥450nit)
Connectivity Bluetooth v5
GPS Does not implement
Sensors Heart data measurement sensor, barometer accelerometer and proximity sensor.
NFC Yes for china
Battery 125mAh (14 days of autonomy) / 2 hours of recharge time
Waterproof 5ATM – Up to 50 meters for 30 minutes.

Regarding battery life we have 14 days of use with sleep monitoring and daily receipt of notifications.

Will the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 achieve the same success as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4?

Xiaomi is expected to release a version called Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro that would improve the sections that we do not find in this version how is the use of NFC, SpO2 or Alexa. This version is expected to have a price range of € 55, while the basic version It will be priced at € 35 through a limited unit offer. Its price after the promotion will be € 40.

We continue with more gadgets added to this presentation of Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem for Europe. The next product that Xiaomi has presented is the new Mi TV Stick, one of the most talked about and sold gadgets before being presented. This will offer a low price solution for TVs that do not have a Smart TV.

Since information was leaked from this My TV Stick, we knew that it would come in two versions that we previously told you about. This «skewer» allows the user to have a multimedia player on any TV with access to Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Spotify, Twitch, Amazon Prime …, as well as browsing and playing files.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The less interesting version that is dedicated to the reproduction of Full HD and 2K content will arrive with the following specifications:

  • Cortex-A53 quad-core 2.0GHz processor with Mali-450 GPU
  • 8 GB of eMMC storage
  • Android TV 9.0
  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) 2K HDR output
  • 1GB of RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Remote control with voice recognition (Google Assistant)
  • Dolby Audio, DTS Surround Sound
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz)
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Micro usb

The power of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick for Full HD or 2K TV is 547 points in single-core usage tests and 1482 points in single-core usage tests on the Geekbench platform.

This power if compared to a smartphone, we see that this It will be as powerful as the legendary Xiaomi Redmi 3S, a smartphone that was launched on the market in 2016 and that offered in Antutu about 40,000 points.


A power that clearly reflects that this would not be powerful enough to move image and video files with ease and is relegated to a basic use of online video viewing.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

This version for Full HD TV is for sale in its Global version priced at € 29 / $ 33 at this Aliexpress seller. Its official price in Europe it is € 39.99.

The version that will allow 4K content playback has not been presented and it is expected that Xiaomi will do it in another Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem presentation at the end of the year. A very bitter taste that leaves this presentation without seeing the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro that would come with attractive functions for the public, as well as not seeing the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick 4K presented. A somewhat bittersweet Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem presentation that leaves for later to see both products arrive that users claim.

But this Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem presentation is not over and there is still more.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S now with color screen

The new Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S increases the autonomy of the basic model up to 30 km thanks to its new 275 watt-hour battery. Its new 300 watt motor offers a maximum speed of 20 km / h. being able to overcome slopes with a unevenness of up to 14%.


Another novelty that this model incorporates is its new color LED screen in which we can check the speed, battery level and operating mode. It has a total weight of 12.5 kilograms. This new 1S model will be sold for a price from € 449.99.

Compared to the first version, this new scooter improves autonomy and incorporates an LED screen but decreases its maximum speed by 5 km / h. Of course, in exchange for an increase of € 130 compared to the current price of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter that we can acquire around the € 370 directly from Spain.

My Scooter Pro 2 greater autonomy, higher price

He Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 It has as its main feature a battery with a greater capacity of 474 watt-hours (300W). This battery gives it an autonomy of up to 45 km with a maximum speed of 25 km / h. Its motor provides a thrust that allows it to overcome slopes of up to 20% drop. In addition, it adds a double-disc braking system.


It is equipped with 8.5-inch pneumatic wheels, this vehicle cushions the impacts caused by the irregularities of the terrain. The double brake system guarantees an extra level of safety, while the front, rear and side reflectors and the powerful 2W front light, capable of illuminating up to 10 meters, increasing visibility.

The weight of the new Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 amounts to 14.2 kg due to its higher capacity battery. As for the price of this model, it places it in the most expensive of the Xiaomi catalog with € 549.99.

The new Pro 2, like the new 1S, reduces the maximum speed by 5 km / h, but achieves a greater thrust that allows it to overcome greater unevenness than the 1 Pro. since in terms of autonomy, it remains the same.

Furthermore, Xiaomi has announced a special edition of Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 in collaboration with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, which will be released soon.

In our opinion, these minimal changes are not worth it in exchange for this high price increase. For the price of the 1S version we can get the 1 Pro with greater speed and autonomy. They will be available in Spain from July 28.

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: Xiaomi Mi True Wireless earphones 2 basic, economic headphones to continue waging war in a crowded market of proposals

The new Xiaomi True Air2 SE headphones arrive to offer a low-cost price thought to be a simple option to sell Mi brand headphones. Xiaomi continues to bet that it’s Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem continues to be rich in products and that is why we see these cheap headphones presented in our country.

These offer autonomy 5 hours of sound playback that if they are recharged with their box we can up to 20 hours of sound reproduction at 50% of its volume. The headphone charging in the box is 1h 30m. Your port of loading It is USB Type C at 5V / 1A charging voltage. The box has to weigh 48 grams. Each of these headphones has a weight of 4.7 grams. Thus being quite light.

Each of these headphones offers inside a 14.2mm speaker for stereo sound with AAC codec support.

Inside we find Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with SBC / AAC support and up to 10 meters of connectivity with our smartphone, TV, laptop, PC or tablet. In turn they incorporate Bluetooth BLE / HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP.

They have an impedance 32Ω and each headphone has two independent microphones with high sensitivity They can eliminate ambient noise on calls.


For its connection to the smartphone, Xiaomi has developed an application and interface with the XiaoAI app. This application is compatible with Xiaomi smartphones. For the first time Xiaomi adds pairing with nothing else to open the container box of these Xiaomi True Air2 SE, eliminating the option of pairing through the use of a button as we saw in the headphones My AirDots Pro 2s.

In its chassis we find touch functions that will allow the user to take a call, speak to the assistant, pause the song that we are playing or resume the sound.


Finally we have simultaneous binaural support that allows us to reduce the latency of the headphones with our smartphone when we play app games.

These headphones they do not support the LHDC codec which allows for higher sound quality and greater data transfer with the latest generation smartphones launched by Xiaomi or other manufacturers. That is why its price is € 29.99 in a promotional offer with limited units. Later its price will be € 39.99. A high price that is not too consistent with the finishes.

The final surprise of this new Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem presentation is its first Gaming monitor with which Xiaomi will seek to captivate the most playful public.

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem: Xiaomi Mi Curved Monitor 34 ″

This high-end monitor comes with a 34 ″ panel in which its resolution increases to 3440 x 1440, thus being UWQHD resolution with a refresh rate of 144Hz and 300 nits of brightness.

It thus adopts 21: 9 with a 1,500R curvature and a 4ms response rate. Add 16.7 million colors and 300cd / m2 brightness, making it a monitor that has 121% of the sRGB color gamut. In its back they are housed 2 HDMI ports, 2 Displayport inputs, an audio jack plug and the power supply input.


Regarding size we find a monitor of 810.39mm long, 520.61mm high and 242.3mm wide.

Finally add sync AMD Free-Sync to make images more stable. We hope this monitor can be compatible with the Nvidia’s G-Sync mode via software. On the other hand and for the interest of all hardware lovers, it is not known who is the manufacturer of the panels that both monitors mount.

The price of this monitor is € 399 for Europe. A really attractive price in which we can put little buts due to its technical specifications. A monitor that will undoubtedly be one of the best sellers.

Xiaomi Redmi 9C and Redmi 9A, the new low-end with MediaTek

Redmi 9A

This modest model seeks to fill the gaps of the Redmi 8A, its predecessor. This time Xiaomi chooses to add a MediaTek Helio G25 processor in this model, since Qualcomm this year has not released a low-end processor that will improve the results offered by the Snapdragon 439.

This Xiaomi Redmi 9A has a 6.53-inch LCD screen with HD + resolution and a drop of water notch. The design is similar to that of the Redmi 8A, if it weren’t for the fact that the rear camera is focused on one side this year instead of being centered.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9A continues to have single-lens cameras both in front and behind. The selfie camera is 5 megapixels, while the rear lens is 13 megapixels.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9A battery is still 5,000 mAh, although it is not clear if it includes some type of fast charge such as the Redmi 8A, which supported 18W charging. We will have to wait for Xiaomi to release the full list of specifications to answer questions.


  • Redmi 9A with 2GB of RAM +32 GB of storage will be priced at € 99

Xiaomi presents the Xiaomi Redmi 9A and Xiaomi Redmi 9C - Xiaomi News

Redmi 9C

This model is new, and previously Xiaomi had never released a C model from its series dedicated to the low-end.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9C, is one step below the Xiaomi Redmi 9. This Redmi 9C also comes with a MediaTek processor, being in this case the MediaTek Helio G35 model, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM or 3GB of RAM.

Its screen is identical to that of the Xiaomi Redmi 9A, thus being an LCD panel with a diagonal of 6.53 inches and HD + resolution with the drop-shaped notch. This notch stores a 5-megapixel front camera.

The rear and main camera of the Redmi 9C is 13 megapixels. This time, the main lens does not come alone and we find two more lenses for a wide angle and depth sensor for portrait photography.

The Xiaomi Redmi 9C battery is kept at 5,000 mAh of capacity. This model unlike the Xiaomi Redmi 9A has a fingerprint sensor on the back.

Xiaomi presents the Xiaomi Redmi 9A and Xiaomi Redmi 9C - Xiaomi News

  • Redmi 9C with 2GB of RAM + 32GB of storage will be priced at € 119
  • Redmi 9C 3GB RAM + 64GB storage will be priced at € 139

In this presentation, we have also presented the new Redmi 9 that we already presented a month ago for Spain. Can read all the data near him on this link.

All the products shown will be available in Europe in mid-July or mid-August. With all these 9 products launched Xiaomi closes this presentation My Ecosystem.