Mi Band 5 Global Variant to Launch With NFC Support: Feature for Which you Need to Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: Five years ago, various kinds of fitness trackers were just terrible in every way. Besides the fact that they did not measure the degree of physical activity too accurately, their functionality was also very limited. Since then, technology has stepped far forward, and with it, all kinds of sports bracelets have become completely different.

Mi Band 5 Global Variant to Launch With NFC Support: Feature for Which you Need to Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Now the functionality that they provide to their owners expands every year, and by mid-2020 everyone will be able to verify this on their own because in June such a gadget as Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be announced and launched on the market. Its creation is carried out by Huami, which is a subsidiary brand of a famous Chinese corporation.

xiaomi mi band 5

It was this company that was responsible for all models of fitness trackers of the Chinese corporation, so there is no need to worry about the quality of the new model – it will turn out to be extremely high. Let now the development of this sports bracelet is still underway, but it is already known what exactly it will be able to please all buyers. So, as one would expect, the novelty will receive the latest most modern at the time of its entry into the market, sensors, and sensors responsible for monitoring physical activity and sleep quality.

Due to this, all owners of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be able to find out as accurately as possible what distance they traveled in a day, how many calories they lost, and how long they slept. The novelty will be the most accurate in terms of measurements among all that Huami has ever put on the market.

The new generation tracker will not do without new modules, one of which will be responsible for reading the level of stress, and the other for the amount of water in the body. Based on these indicators, a sports bracelet will be able to give valuable advice, including how much water you need to drink to restore water balance, as well as how much better to sleep the next night, so that the body is completely restored.

xiaomi mi band 5


However, there will be another extremely important feature in Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which many will find very, very useful. It is guaranteed to be appreciated by those who monitor their health, because it is an ECG module, due to which it will be possible to make a full-fledged echocardiogram, which can now be done on the Apple Watch Series 5 and some other smartwatches available on the market for sale.

For the sake of such a feature, there is no doubt that you should buy Xiaomi Mi Band 5, especially since you will not have to go to the doctor to decrypt the echocardiogram since artificial intelligence will perform this work for him, which will tell you whether everything is good with the heart and give different recommendations.

To use this feature of the user, you need to click on a special icon in the bracelet menu using its touch screen, then take a horizontal position and just lie quietly for one minute. After that, the tracker will vibrate, thereby letting you know that the measurements have been taken. You can view their results on a smartphone running Android or iOS, using the proprietary app Mi Fit or Mi Health.

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