Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the world’s best-selling smartband

Xiaomi this week has shared an image that speaks for itself, it does not need an introduction or specifies anything about what is being announced. With just a few words Xiaomi announces that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the best-selling smart band in the world.

According to the data recorded by Canalys, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 was the best-selling smartband in the world during the fourth quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020. Four editions that have become a resounding success thanks to the good comments garnered by the community and its high quality and price ratio that have made it the preferred option for the public.

In detail these sales, Xiaomi has achieved great success in the market since the first generation. The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet released in 2016 was also the best-selling model, and the same is true for the next 3 and 4 generations. The company sold 1 million Mi Band bracelets in just 9 months. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 achieved the same number in just two months, while Xiaomi Mi Band 3 sold 1 million units in just 17 days. The Mi Band 4 reached 1 million units in 8 days.

On the 15th of this month Xiaomi will renew the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for its new version, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. A dislike that at the moment will not come with Alexa, leaving aside the NFC and the SpO2 measurement.

This basic version will improve aspects of the screen, sports monitoring and more additions that we detail in the next paragraph.

    • The screen grows: This new Mi Band 5 has a 1.1 ″ screen, it is larger than its predecessors but it is not a full-screen full as it was thought.
    • Greater customization on the dials: In the Chinese version there will be more than 100 new covers, it is expected that in the Global version that has not yet been presented, we will find more dials than the ones that the Mi Band 4 had from the factory.
    • The dials are now dynamic: customization goes up a few steps in this new version and the covers take on a greater presence by having movement.
    • Screen customization: Now the user will be able to accommodate the environment and its functions to his liking, being able to highlight those that he uses the most over time.
    • More sports measurement: This Mi Band 5 comes with 11 sports modes, this version being the most complete of those released. Compared to the Mi Band 4 that accepted up to 6 sport measurement modes.Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new Mi Band from Xiaomi
  • Now the sleep measurement is what we wanted it to be: One of the great improvements that this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 incorporates and that the user will notice from minute 1 is that it can record the hours or minutes in which the user takes a nap. With the previous Mi Band, the user could only see the record of sleeping at night, now with the Mi Band 5, the user will be able to count the hours of sleep of the nap.
  • PAI vitality index– The Mi Band 5 is the first Mi Band to add the PAI feature that Huami has added to its Amazfit smartwatches. This function gives a score to our well-being and exercise, encouraging the user to lead a healthy life. The application will offer daily recommendations to set achievable goals, thus improving the training function.Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the new Mi Band from Xiaomi
  • Measurement and monitoring of menstruation: One of the best news that we see in this Mi Band 5 is the addition of having a menstruation tracking in which the user must answer some questions that the Mi Fit app will ask to start helping the user know when to The period should arrive and thus keep track of the duration for days. A very good novelty for women in which the period can be continuously delayed.
  • Taking photographs: The new version of the Xiaomi bracelet arrives with the novelty of being able to use the bracelet as a shutter button for photos. An idea was taken from the Apple smartwatches and that allows the user to take pictures remotely by pressing a button.
  • Magnetic charge: One of the biggest problems that the Xiaomi Mi Band contained in its previous versions is that we always had to be removing the strap to be able to charge the measurement capsule. Now the Mi Band 5 solves this problem with the introduction of a magnetic charger that allows the pulse to be changed easily, this being one of the most notable improvements that the user will have in this new generation.

bracelet and display

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 specifications

Size and dimensions 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4 mm
materials Polycarbonate / 2.5D tempered glass + AF coating
Materials of the bracelet Silicone
Compatibility Android and iPhone
SoC Unspecified
Storage 16MB
RAM 512 KB
screen 1.2-inch AMOLED 126 x 294pp (16-bit display backlight: highest luminance ≥450nit)
Connectivity Bluetooth v5
GPS Does not implement
Sensors Heart data measurement sensor, barometer accelerometer and proximity sensor.
NFC Yes for china
Battery 125mAh (14 days of autonomy) / 2 hours of recharge time
Waterproof 5ATM – Up to 50 meters for 30 minutes.

Regarding battery life we have 14 days of use with sleep monitoring and daily receipt of notifications.

Will the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 achieve the same success?

Xiaomi is expected to release a version called Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Pro that would improve the sections that we do not find in this version such as the use of NFC, SpO2, or Alexa. This version is expected to have an oscillating price of € 55, while the basic version contains a price of € 40.

Prices that would be for the sale of the Global versions within the national territory. Both versions could be purchased at lower prices from China. This lower price would make the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 get more followers and be the best-selling smart band throughout 2020 and 2021. Achieving the same success as its predecessor the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

On the 15th of this month, we will know all the details of this new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that seeks to be a success worldwide.