Xiaomi Mi Air Dots vs Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE, how are they different?

This week Xiaomi has launched a new model of TWS wireless headphones, the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE, which will go on sale officially on May 19. The previous model that Xiaomi had presented with this same design were the My AirDots Pro 2S.

But how do they differ? Which one best meets your needs? In this article we will show you all the details so that you can solve these doubts.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs Mi Air Dots Pro 2S: Specifications

First of all, in order to answer the above questions, we must know the specifications of both devices in-depth.

Xiaomi Mi Airdots pRO 2S Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE
Weight 4.5 g (per earphone) 4.7 g (per earphone)
Drums 40 mAh earphone / 450 mAh case 40 mAh earphone / 410 mAh case
Loading time 1 hour
Autonomy 5 hours
Standby time 24 hours with case 20 hours with case
Speaker diameter 14.2 mm
Supported codecs LHDC / AAC / SBC AAC / SBC
Supported protocols HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Impermeability IPX5
Charging interface USB C / Qi USB C
Use detection Yes No
Price 63 euros 31 euros

As we can see in the previous table, we are facing some headphones very similar to each other but that its small characteristics lead to a price difference of almost half.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs. Mi Air Dots Pro 2S: Almost identical design

The main difference lies with the naked eye in its charging case. While the AirDots Pro 2S maintains the design of their predecessors with rounded lines, the new Air 2 SE has changed design resembling it to the case of those of Redmi AirDots but with a more square design.


In addition to the different design of the charging box, there are also some differences in the headphones themselves. Firstly, the weight being 0.2 grams higher in the Mi Air2 SE, a priceless difference. Physically the head of the earpiece has lost one of the holes compared to the Pro that will affect the decreasing sound quality that produce.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 SE vs. Mi Air Dots Pro 2S: Autonomy

In addition to differences in appearance, there are also big differences in battery life and charging ways.

Thanks to the control of energy consumption that integrates the chip of the Xiaomi Mi Air2 SE they can be used for approximately 5 hours with a single charge expanding to 20 hours thanks to its case. The difference with the Pro is that the greater capacity of the case extends its total autonomy to 24 hours. In addition to including the latter, the ability to charge wirelessly thanks to the Qi standard. One of the reasons for the price difference.


Sound quality

Both the Mi Air 2 SE and the Mi Air Dots Pro 2S implement the same noise reduction system that will offer us a pleasant calling experience. Also, they both use the same 14.2mm diaphragm in size, offering a natural sound.

But in terms of codecs, the Mi Air Dots Pro 2S by integrating compatibility with the LHDC makes the latency time much less when it comes to enjoying multimedia content. Especially if also the operating system of our smartphone is MIUI, in which this protocol is further improved.


In terms of design and ergonomics with both models, we will not notice a difference. But at the time of the use that we are going to give us it can mean saving us around € 30. If we want to use them to watch videos or play the Air 2 SE I would automatically discard them.

For calls and listening to music, you will hardly notice the difference and the price can make you opt for the SE. But the multimedia content or the complement of the Qi charge will be worth you to opt for the 2S version.