Xiaomi Mi A3 Telcel update

The latest smartphone with Android One launched by Xiaomi is the Mi A3. This smartphone launched in 2019 has not been spared from controversy despite being one of the best-selling smartphones. The Xiaomi Mi A3 receives a new update via OTA that should not have been released.

This new update of the Xiaomi Mi A3 does not have errors that render the smartphone unusable, as we had previously seen with the updates that brought Android 10 users closer. This new update with number V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC It has reached a large part of global users, thus installing app services and a splash image of the Telcel company. In some cases, the Xiaomi Mi A3 if enter bootloop, whereby the smartphone is left in an inconsistent state.

Telcel only sells smartphones in Mexico and it is an internet and telephone service company. Said update has been released by Xiaomi, but it should only have been released to all those users who have a smartphone compared to Telcel services. Despite this, the update has been released for all users, without making a distinction between countries or internet companies, causing the user experience to decrease with errors such as deactivation of dual SIM, bootloop, Telcel apps …

A serious error that is caused by the lack of quality in the updates released by Xiaomi and denotes that Xiaomi is doing a great failure with its Android One smartphones.

From Doctor Xiaomi, we do not recommend that you install this update Because it will install applications that are only effective if you bought the Xiaomi Mi A3 in Mexico through the company Telcel.

Seeing where the shots go, we doubt that Xiaomi will launch a Xiaomi Mi A4 this year. Nonsense would be seeing the poor quality that the company is putting with the update of these models that had made the company take on a certain reputation. With these errors, the image of Xiaomi with its Android One series seems to stop making sense and loses image quality gained with its previous versions.

We hope that Xiaomi has stopped the release of this update and the company makes a new version again that leaves the Xiaomi Mi A3 as before.