Xiaomi Mi 9 MIUI 12, the main novelties that Xiaomi adds

The Xiaomi flagship in 2019, the Xiaomi Mi 9 has received the MIUI 12 update with many of the news that we have been talking about them more than a month ago.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 receives in its Global version of MIUI 12 the following news:

Xiaomi MIUI 12 comes with a new redesign of icons, windows, settings, animations, privacy … Now let’s take a closer look at these improvements.

  • Weather App: Receive animations and visual improvements to make the MIUI layer much more intuitive and simple with its animations.
  • A redesign of animations to make them much more natural:
  • System-wide enhancements with enhanced information to show battery status, settings, device information.

  • The Super Wallpapers will be added, which as we already mentioned will be only for the latest generation smartphones that contain high-end processors.
  • The way our screen is shared with the television and monitors has been improved. This app will be practically compatible with all televisions on the market.

  • The apps can be used in windowed mode so that you can interact with two apps at the same time without having to give up viewing the content of the two apps.

MIUI 12 apps

  • The battery saving mode has been improved so that when we have very little battery left we can have the smartphone on for the minimum use necessary to be located.

MIUI 12 apps

  • The user will have absolute control of their privacy. Xiaomi in MIUI 12 bid to respect the user more than ever with a simple menu to adjust location permissions, security, access to folders …

The Xiaomi Mi 9 with MIUI 12 greatly improves privacy, and a good part of it you will check by sharing an image, now it will let us choose whether we want to remove the metadata or the positioning of where the photograph has been taken. A very good option to preserve our privacy.

  • So that the user is aware at all times of what the apps are doing from behind, it will show on the screen what the app is asking for while using it.

  • Dark Mode: MIUI 12 incorporates an improved dark mode. With a darker color palette for system backgrounds, system apps, and third-party apps, Dark Mode offers an exceptional viewing experience in low-light environments. When dark mode is on, it adjusts the contrast automatically to match the ambient light when the screen brightness is reduced. Dark mode also reduces power consumption and helps alleviate eye strain.
  • Application drawer: Xiaomi’s Poco Launcher was very well received by users around the world. Its main distinctive feature, the app drawer, now reaches MIUI 12. By activating it, all the applications will be housed in it, which will make the home screen cleaner and tidier. It’s also possible to automatically group apps based on user preferences so you can find the one you need in just a few swipes.
  • This new option box is available for playing videos. This menu is displayed from the left corner of the screen, as is the menu of the Game Turbo mode. In this menu, the user can take out this drawer of settings and tools to carry out a video recording, improve the quality of the image reproduced on the screen with the adoption of 5 styles with image filtering, sound improvements for better use of the quality of the speakers.

Camera app improvements

  • Camera improvements, thus being fully customizable by the user. Having various usability designs and customization of the colors of the app.
  • The new filters of the camera app leave us with a feeling that Xiaomi seems to have understood that users are looking for high versatility in image processing and post-processing. So Xiaomi gets rid of the previous filters that we find in the MIUI 11 camera app and will integrate filters for our photos like the ones you are going to see in these images:

MIUI 12 camera filterClick to access the image gallery on Flickr.

These filters are used in high-end Xiaomi smartphones, being the Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition, Xiaomi Mi 9, Poco F2 Pro, Mi 9T Pro …

New effects on the Xiaomi camera in MIUI 12 on the Xiaomi Mi 9: Clone

Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition comes with a section for video and photography editing that allows taking several images in a single image to make a person go out in various positions in the same shot, this improvement has now been transferred to the Xiaomi Mi 9. Software is in the camera app and works easily.

First a photo is taken of the subject, then the subject can change position and another photograph is taken, thus joining both shots in a single image, being able to join up to 4 times several shots in a single image. This effect has been developed in Xiaomi AI laboratories and uses ArCore technology. This effect once done is shown as in the following video.

Vlog modes arrive on the Xiaomi Mi 9

One of the video modes that I liked the most in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro comes now to the Xiaomi Mi 9 with the MIUI 12 update. This mode was created and presented in the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 Pro and now the high-end of 2019 receive it.

These modes allow a high personalization in the creation of clips, now found in Mi 9. This mode is found in the camera app, and once recorded we must go to the Gallery, press on the video recorded with the VLOG> Creativity> mode. Video Editor. In this way we can edit the entire video in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic and static sky change

But here the novelties that Xiaomi adds to the Xiaomi Mi 9 do not end. Another novelty is an effect that allows us to change the sky and also make a video clip with this change. In the following video, you can see the result. This option is found in the gallery image editor.

These are the main news. If you are looking to know more about MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi Mi 9, it will be best if you check everything yourself and thus find the hidden options added by this new version inspired by iOS 13.