Xiaomi hygrometer with bluetooth, the new Xiaomi

Xiaomi Higrómetro

During this weekend we find how Xiaomi had renewed its simple hygrometer adding Bluetooth connection. This version improves the connectivity section, without offering much more noticeable improvements.

Xiaomi’s new hygrometer comes with an electronic ink screen that displays the temperature and humidity data. Its size is 64.5 x 64.5 x 9.7mm, while its weight is 36 grams. To operate its screen and monitoring, Xiaomi adds a CR2032 button cell battery to this model.

This new version now has a Bluetooth connection that can be connected to the Xiaomi Mi Home platform and app. In this way, less than 10 meters away, we will be able to know the temperatures and humidity that have occurred throughout the day. In addition, it allows the union and creation of intelligent scenes with home automation products Xiaomi and third-party products added to the company.

To offer easy-to-understand information, the hygrometer adds the sampling of various types of emoticons so that the user can easily identify if the temperature and humidity are suitable for humans.

Currently, this Xiaomi hygrometer is already for sale through this Aliexpress seller at a price of € 11 / $ 13.