Xiaomi has Donated 110,000 Notebooks in Celebration of Children’s Day in India

Written by Vishal Patel

Not everything is new smartphones and sales records. In addition, Xiaomi has pledged to help the most disadvantaged in India, beating a new Guinness record thanks to a new donation of 110,000 notebooks to children with fewer resources in the country.

In total there have been 18 tons of notebooks for children’s use that Xiaomi has donated in celebration of Children’s Day in India. A great gesture by the firm that has also made him set two new Guinness records.

Specifically, the first one has been thanks to the creation of a mosaic from donated notebooks. A total of 181 square meters that have formed the largest school mosaic in the world.

In addition, the second record is given by the largest donation ever made in history in a single day. Undoubtedly, a very good work by XIaomi for the most favored in a country where the firm has had a great reception becoming the manufacturer with the highest number of sales of smartphones and televisions.

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