Xiaomi has a fault, check Xiaomi and its status

How can I know at a glance if my Xiaomi mobile phone is in trouble? This is a common wish that all users have, and not only Xiaomi users, but also users of any type of manufacturer. Therefore, in this article I am going to explain how to check if your Xiaomi mobile phone has a fault or failure.

Check if your Xiaomi mobile has a problem: what is the CIT menu

All mobile phones have a hidden menu that is used to check the health status of its components.

These are the so-called menus from «Hardware test» or Component Test, a hidden option that enables a full test of the device.

Accessing this menu you can check the screen, wireless connections, vibration, FM radio and much more.

In the case of Xiaomi phones, the “hardware test” can be performed by accessing the CIT menu.

Do not worry, to access this menu it is not necessary to follow a large number of steps. The process is very simple.

Access the CIT menu of your Xiaomi mobile phone to check if it has a fault

To access this menu on your Xiaomi we must search within the configuration or settings.

The process is very similar to the one we use to access the Android developer options.

We are going to go to configuration and then we are going to follow the steps that I tell you below:

  • Enter the settings of your mobile.
  • Look at the top, where it says “About (or about) the phone.”
  • Find the option “Kernel version” and click there five times in a row.
  • We are already in the CIT menu or «Hardware test».

It should be noted that all the modifications made in this section for each component will be reversed upon exiting this menu.

In addition, you will not be able to modify any of the internal settings of your mobile, except those that by default appear in the configuration menu.

What can I do with the CIT menu

For starters, if you are used to using third-party applications that offer you the verification of your mobile components, using the CIT menu you can do the same, but without the risk that always involves the installation of a third-party application for this type of process.

Check all the components and applications of your Xiaomi and MIUI mobile

Perform a test of the speakers, make sure that the touch panel works well, test the different sensors or you can check if your Xiaomi mobile includes FM radio, even if it does not appear among the installed applications.

Checking our mobile phone every certain period of time is highly recommended to avoid having to deal with serious problems.

Sometimes it is too late when we realize that we have something wrong with our mobile. This could be avoided precisely by carrying out this type of check.