Xiaomi gets a revaluation of its actions reached its maximum


After the fifth day of Xiaomi’s continuous rise (1810HK) on the Hong Kong stock exchange, the Asian company has increased its value reaching $ 16 (HK) per share. This value represents its new historical maximum since September 2018 thanks to a cumulative increase of more than 20% in the last week.

Xiaomi has entered a growth trajectory since the fourth quarter of 2019, benefiting from the results of the third and fourth quarters of the same year. Going from a minimum per-share value of HK $ 8.28 in September 2019 to a high of HK $ 13 in the first quarter before the Covid-19 outbreak. This appreciation represents an increase of over 60%.


With the emergence of the epidemic in China, the market fell and the production and sales of the smartphone market were difficult, which meant a break in this period of growth. However, Xiaomi achieved a quick restart of work restoring their production to normal levels in late March. In addition, the 5G strategy focused on its latest terminals presented during those dates with the Mi 10 as the flagship improved results.

But this rise is not only due to the commercial strategy of the company. Just today, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court issued a second instance civil judgment dismissing the lawsuit between Shandong Xiaomi Financial Services Outsourcing Co., Ltd., and Xiaomi Technology Co.

When the latter created its financial services company «Xiaomi Finance» Xiaomi Technology sued Shandong Xiaomi Financial Services for the infringement of exclusive rights of the registered trademarks belonging to Xiaomi.

In the first trial, Shandong Xiaomi Financial was sentenced to compensate Xiaomi for this infraction and the losses that it may have caused due to the misuse of her name. The company rejected the conviction and appealed on the second instance. The appeal that has reiterated the sentence that establishes a compensation of 300,000 yuan and the mandatory name change.

Lu Weibing, Redmi CEO, wasted no time in congratulating Xiaomi’s legal team on Weibo.